Smartflower for Business

The purest way to demonstrate your organisation’s core values and commitment to sustainability.

Organisational Benefits

Expectations on corporate responsibility are increasing and consumers want to see companies address environmental issues. Good intentions and a tick box policy are no longer enough!


Some views from our commercial businesses who put their clean energy goals in action by installing a Smartflower

David Millar, CEO Heap and Partners Ltd

“At Heap & Partners we installed 88 solar panels on our roof as part of our plan to become carbon neutral, which are never seen. We then installed the iconic Smartflower in our car park and every single customer that visits comments on it. Many ask to have their photograph taken with it. We’ve been blown away with its impact on our image.”

Iain Hutchison, Chairman Merlin ERD Ltd

“Merlin installed a Smartflower to promote sustainable energy, reduce ongoing energy costs and play our part reducing CO2 output here in Perth. It has been a huge success, never failing to impress visitors and customers, who often comment that they prefer to engage with companies who take their green credentials seriously. A brave decision at the time, Merlin are delighted that we chose to invest in this elegant solar power technology, which has delivered returns in monetary terms, PR and positioning. These combine to demonstrate an Employee Owned business walking the talk on our Core Value of doing the right thing.”