Smartflower for Home

Our residential customers and enquirers are diverse and interesting. Some simply prefer the beauty of a moving sculpture that provides clean energy while others want that solar energy to power their home working set up.


What do our customers have in common?

  • They want renewable energy source because they care about our planet
  • They tend to be early adopters of emerging technology
  • They have the space for a solar sculpture requiring 5m squared operating space
  • They want to enjoy seeing the Smartflower follow the sun

Simple like a normal home appliance

The potential kWh output of the Smartflower – made easy!

One hour of sunlight can

  • Allow you 15 hours to watch your favourite film, box set or TV series
  • Give you 101 complete smartphone charges
  • Gives you a total of 182 hours of LED lighting

One day of sunlight will give you

  • Three air conditioning units – for 1 hot day
  • Six full loads of tumble drying – if the clothes line is already completely full that is
  • 17 wash loads of laundry
  • 50 cups of tea or coffee
  • 62 miles of clean driving in your electric car

One year of Smartflower power can

  • Produce on average 4000kWh of power which would power an average household in the UK.


Control your Smartflower and monitor your energy production from the comfort of your phone with our remote monitoring app.


Our certified Smartflower technicians can set it up in just a few hours, providing you with immediate energy independence.


Self-cleaning and convection cooling keep Smartflower running at maximum efficiency.


Unique and powerful features packaged in an award-winning design.

Smart Tracking

The smart tracking system is the core of Smartflower’s brilliance. Every morning at sunrise, Smartflower automatically unfolds. The dual-axis system allows Smartflower’s solar panels to follow the sun across the sky throughout the day, always maintaining the optimal 90° angle to the sun. This makes Smartflower produce up to 40% more power than a conventional solar system.